Design Planning &

Our expert teams liaise with your expert teams to understand your vision

Experience has taught us that time and resources applied at this point, in any project delivers a significant return – the project delivery is more efficient, and ultimately it ensures that you our clients get better value.

Castlebrook deploys a multi-disciplined team with expertise in each stage of our processes. This team engages with your team of professionals so that we have a clear understanding of what you are seeking to achieve. The drawings and specifications are reviewed in detail prior to undertaking a value engineering exercise.


Material &

Shared insights and close consultation ensures we bring your design vision to life

Over the years this step in our process has evolved and is now one of our key service points. One of our central tenants is that a clients’ / designers’ vision for a project is not compromised. We also have a complete understanding of the manufacturing process.

We organise a work shop with the design team to analyse each item of furniture and share our insights as to how we will approach the task. We agree with the designer any amendments which will make the manufacturing and installation process more efficient and cost effective. On completion we can (if required) have prototype samples manufactured for the designer / client for review and sign off prior to main order placement. This can be achieved in the hotel or offsite in a mock room.


Procurement &

Our supply partners manufacture flexible solutions to our rigorous performance and quality standards

Over the past 40+ years, we have fostered excellent relationships with key suppliers throughout the world.  Each supplier offer excellence in their own specific area of expertise, allowing us to provide our clients with solutions that perfectly match their needs.
Our supply partners go through a rigorous vetting process that focuses on even the most minute aspects of production and standards.
From the commencement of the order and initial drawings, quality is built into all of our furniture. Prototypes of each piece ensure that technical and quality standards are met, and regular factory visits ensure consistency throughout production.


Logistics &

Our efficient logistical network delivers to suit your site in sequence, labelled and always on time

Efficient logistical execution is crucial in delivering a project on time. Working with our international logistical partners we offer many delivery options to suit varying delivery requirements wherever the location of your property. Our team are experienced in dealing with import and duty regulations in Africa, Europe and China.

We manage this process closely to ensure that products are delivered on time and in sequence so that the installation team can complete their tasks efficiently.


Project Management
& Execution

Your dedicated expert lead project manager is always on hand to ensure a seamless client experience

We have an enviable track record in delivering complex hospitality projects on an international scale. Each project has a dedicated project manager who is the client / designers ‘go to person’ on all Castlebrook related matters. That individual liaises with other Castlebrook functions to ensure a seamless client experience. Our rigorous planning process coupled with our execution expertise ensures that you – the client – do not get any unwelcome surprises.


Construction &

Our skilled efficient installation process minimises your downtime, letting you focus on operations

We understand the hospitality industry and know that every day that a hotel bedroom is out of commission represents a cost to the client. We have a commitment to our client to ensure that the project is completed quickly, that disruption is kept to a minimum and that the guest experience is not compromised.

All of our installation crews operate to the highest standards in terms of service provision, they are courteous to client staff and guests and observe health and safety regulations.